Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011 - Who We're Listening To...

Just thought you guys might like to know who we're listening to this week...

Bedhed, Jay Studdard, is listening to...
Blue Mother Tupelo - "Heaven and Earth"
The Who - "Who's Next"
The Judd's - "Why Not Me"
Lucinda Williams - "Live at The Fillmore"
Robert Plant - "Band of Joy"

Blondy, Fran Jackson, is listening to...
Everest - "On Approach" (car and i-pod)
The Judds - "Why Not Me" (home)
Pink Floyd - "The Wall" (home and Jay's car last week)
Buddy and Julie Miller - "Written in Chalk" (Jay's car)
Kathy Von's new self-titled EP (car and computer)

Lead Guitarist Austin Skinner is listening to...
Amos Lee's self-titled first album
Black Keys - "Thickfreakness"
Common -"Be"
Seal - "Being Human"
Clint Black - "The Hard Way"
Doyle Brmhall II - "Jellycream"

Percussionist Billy Ramirez is listening to...
The Clones
Ryan Nicholson
Coles Whalen
Poncho Sanchez
Luci Lampe
Rachel Morgan Perry

Comment back and let us know who you're listening to... we really do want to know! 

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