Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011 - CMT Article

Check out this article on CMT.com.  Our song "I've Been Thinkin'" is mentioned as one of "20 new songs to discover."

We had a great time in Memphis last week! Here's a picture I took of Bedhed and Austin S. jammin' on a song idea in the background behind me.  I was on Jay's MAC trying figure out how to work the video i-cam.  I wanted to capture (on video) what they were playing so we wouldn't lose the idea.... couldn't figure it out.  Ended up just taking a snapshot.  Here it is...
We'll be hanging at Pick's www.picksnashville.com tomorrow night Feb. 23rd to celebrate my birthday, and to see Chuck Cannon www.chuckcannon.com play.  Come hang with us.  Pick's is a great hangout.  We love the people there.  

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Music I recommend checking out this week...
Gregg Allman  I like his new cd a lot!  Listened to it today while we cooked and ate dinner.

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