Saturday, April 28, 2012

Down South

New tunes.  New album coming out in just a few weeks.  CD cover art mock-ups being made.  Think we're gonna call it "Down South." The world is treating us well.  We are very excited to share our new music with everyone.  Click this link the link below to hear one of the new songs from the record.


If you like what you hear... stay tuned... we will post more new songs over the next few days.  A big thank you to all the guys who played on this record, and who let me sing for them, Billy Ramirez, Kevin Knapp, Bobby Alexander, Daryl Johnson, Gerald Trimble, and Joe Bidewell, and of course the original Bedhed.... Jay.  We've had a fun time making the music.

We have a show at The Rutledge this Monday night April 30th.  We go on at 9:15.  We're on the bill with  AJ and The Firecrackers, Rebecca Moreland, and Dangerous Beauty.  Come check out the show.

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